How To Look Stylish On A Budget

I have always been a frugal finds type of girl. I love shopping but I hate spending money! I’d rather see money in my account than see it on a hanger in my closet. But, I also want to look good! When you look good you feel good! That’s so very true! I always thought, “That doesn’t apply to me! I feel good in my sweatpants.” But, really, I didn’t. And I still don’t. I feel frumpy and unattractive (especially postpartum!) and I shoot down any advances my husband makes even though he still says I look sexy. (Thanks baby!) So, my goal when shopping is to find great pieces that look great on me and I feel great wearing!





When you see an item ask yourself this: Do I ABSOLUTELY need this item right now? Usually the answer is no. Unless it’s for a special occasion. I always say, WAIT! The item will go on sale and then probably another sale! “But what if I love the item”, you say? Well, I still say wait! Go home and think about it. Sometimes, the thrill of buying that item is gone once you get home or by morning. “But I still want it”, you exclaim! Then get it! It may be splurging on the item but you’ve given yourself time and that is the way to avoid buyer’s remorse.


There are all types of tips out there about waiting until an item is at it’s final price to buy it. (Check out my Pinterest page!) So I’ll tell you my story about waiting. I loved a pair of Sperry shoes at Marshall’s. I always regretted not buying a pair of gold pair Sperry’s back in 2014. But I knew they wouldn’t match a lot of what I wear and I was doing ALOT of wedding shopping at the time so I decided against them. But I wanted this pair I saw at Marshall’s. Oh…So….Badly! My husband and I were shopping for Father’s Day gifts at the time so I didn’t get them. I would see the shoes everytime we went to Marshall’s to buy a gift. I still didn’t purchase them. They were less than what Sperry’s cost originally of course but they were still out of my budget. Then, one day, I walked into Marshall’s looking for Sperry’s for my husband for his birthday. And I saw them. The last pair. My size. On sale for $22 dollars. Yes…$22 dollars! So of course I snagged them up! I waited because I didn’t NEED the shoes. I just wanted them. In the end, I had only waited about a month for those shoes. Snagging them at such a great deal was well worth the wait!


I make a monthly budget for every category which includes clothing. I make sure to account for any special occasions so I set aside extra money for clothing during those months. Dominic’s birthday is this month (September 11 baby!) so I knew I would purchase a few outfits for his one year old photo shoot and for his birthday party. I also knew I would buy something new for Oscar and I as well to wear during the shoot. Once I spend that money, I’m done! I can’t buy anymore! So I make sure to shop wisely.


Impulse shopping. We are all guilty of this and it’s what breaks the clothing budget. Look at what you have in your closet and drawers and figure out what you want to add to your wardrobe. Write down what pieces you’re shopping for. Maybe you want some jeans but what type of jeans? High rise or low rise? Dark wash or light wash denim? Destroyed denim or not? You eliminate the risk of buying a pair of jeans because you think they look “super cute” especially when you may already have a similar pair at home. I know I’m going to be very tempted by all the cute Fall Fashion coming out but I don’t want to end up with pieces I don’t love. A lot of times, I end up buying shirts or skirts and only wear them once because I don’t love how they look on me or they’re not really my style. A list deters me from buying stuff just because they look good on the hanger or may look good in the oh-so-precisely placed dressing room lighting or oh-so-influential store associate!

I hope some of these tips help you create a stylish wardrobe that you love on a budget you love even more!

With Love,





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